November 15, 2023
Meeting report | PTvT

The EU STEM Coalition recently hosted its annual general assembly in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In attendance were STEM platform representatives from all...

July 11, 2023
News | EU STEM Coalition

This newsletter contains the following articles:

- Best practice examples 

- Welcome to the SEER network

- Report on round table on...

June 19, 2023
News | Matthew Coates

This is a description of the CoVE selection from the 2022 application period. It describes three of the CoVEs from this years selection, and provides a link...

June 4, 2023
News | EU STEM Coalition

The EU STEM Coalition's April 2023 Newsletter.

This Newsletter includes the following topics:

  • News from the secretariat
  • ...
June 3, 2023
Blog post | EU STEM Coalition

We had the opportunity to interview Stefanie Schlunk, who holds the chair of the largest STEM network in Europe, Science on Stage Europe. Here, you can find...

May 7, 2023
Meeting report | EU STEM Coalition Secretariat

The round table meeting on missing data in Europe consisted of presentations on national data collection as well as international data collection. After the...

April 25, 2023
Meeting report | Óbuda University, Hungarian STEM platform

Day 1

A networking dinner was organised for the participants to get to know eachother and eachothers' organisations in an informal way....

April 25, 2023
Meeting report | National Centre for STEM-recruitment, Norway

Different presentations were held:

  1. Political anchoring and communication work, Martine Kopstad Floeng (Tekna)
April 18, 2023
Blog post | Matthew Coates

                                                                        The STEAM+ Jamboree


Key takeaways:


March 24, 2023
Meeting report | Estonian Research Council

The focus of the TFM was divided into two parts: 

1) the impact of non-formal learning activities on students deciding to choose the STEM career;...

March 17, 2023
Reports and studies | EU STEM Coalition

Paradoxically, Nordic countries, which are usually renowned for their egalitarianism as well as devotion to gender equality, exhibit an alarmingly low rate...

February 9, 2023
News | EU STEM Coalition

We interviewed Mr. Dirk Bochar, Secretary General of ENGINEERS EUROPE. We spoke with him about the added value of the EU STEM Coalition, the “...

January 10, 2023
Policy and strategy | EU STEM Coalition

The EU has invested heavily in increasing STEM uptake and achieving gender equality in STEM. To maximise the reach and impact of these initiatives they need...

December 6, 2022
News | EU STEM Coalition

The first Taskforce Meeting for the taskforce 'Hungarian STEM platform: Next Steps' has been scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary on April 18, 2023...

December 6, 2022
Meeting report | EU STEM Coalition


Part 1: Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI)

Background: The DTTI is a new initiative of EIT that was launched as part of the...

November 30, 2022
Meeting report | ZDI (STEM platform NRW)

Day 1

A networking dinner was organised for the participants of the Dutch and German (NRW) STEM platforms to get to know eachother and...

November 14, 2022
Meeting report | NCSR (Norwegian national STEM platform)

Day 1 of the two-day programme focused on the status of the ongoing taskforce. The taskforce coordinator Silje Wolff (NCSR) provides an update on the...

November 10, 2022
Reports and studies | Katapult

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of our economy. They form around 90% of Europe’s economy and the majority of Europeans is working...

November 4, 2022
News | Obuda University

Four years after its launch in 2018, the Hungarian STEM platform will host a conference to present the progress of the platform, discuss future...

October 13, 2022
Meeting report | UPSTI

On October 13-14, 2022, the General Assembly of the EU STEM Coalition took place in Saint Raphaël, France. The meeting was co-hosted by UPSTI (the EU STEM...

June 27, 2022
Tools | Meet the Future You

Meet the Future You is a tool co-created by UCL Engineering, EngineeringUK, Royal Academy of Engineering, ICE, IET, iMechE and the IOP. By answering a few...

June 27, 2022
Tools | University College London

Books for Curious Minds and Budding Engineers is a series of books for young people developed by University College London (UCL). The books were created as...

June 9, 2022
Meeting report | EU STEM Coalition

The participants were limited to  representatives of each of the national and regional STEM platforms in the EU STEM Coalition network. These included the...

May 1, 2022
Reports and studies | Stanford University

Misinformation is a grave threat to science. In this report, generated by an international group of leading scientists and education researchers, we outline...

April 22, 2022
Reports and studies | Katapult

We say it everywhere: Katapult is on the move. When research figures confirm this, we can't believe our luck. You see, it really is true, the Katapult...