Engineers Europe Advisory Group

Engineers Europe Advisory Group

11 September 2018
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On September 11, 2018, the EU STEM Coalition became an official member of the Engineers Europe Advisory Group (EEAG). EEAG is an initiative of FEANI, the largest European Federation of Engineers (1951) with membership in 34 countries, representing approximately 6 million individual engineers. Through the EEAG, FEANI aims to harmonize the voice of Engineers in Europe. 

Objective of the meeting: 

The meeting presented and formally launched the Engineers Europe Advisory Group (EEAG). Each participating organisation signed a Letter of Intent. 


The Engineers Europe Advisory Group (EEAG) aims to harmonize the voice of engineers in Europe. Overall, the project wishes to:


  • Identify barriers or obstacles faced by the engineering profession (such as bridging the skills gap, promoting STEM and vocational training)
  • Advise the EU Institutions (Commission, Parliamentary Committees) on the future of work and to support future European industrial competitiveness, also in view of the challenges of an ageing workforce;
  • Support higher education institutions, businesses and our national professional organisations in their internationalisation and modernisation efforts.


As key-actors in the STEM education chain, national STEM platforms directly contribute to the supply and quality of new engineers. From this perspective the EU STEM Coalition aims to contribute to education-related objectives of EEAG, as well as improve and upscale the existing cooperation with national engineering associations in STEM promotion activities and the development of national STEM strategies (e.g. Technology Pact).


Mrs. Beatrice Boots, chairwoman of the Steering Committee of the EU STEM Coalition signed the letter of intent on behalf of the EU STEM Coalition.

Next steps: 

Several follow-up meetings of EEAG have been scheduled for the coming months.