Midtjylland Region (Denmark)

Midtjylland Region (Denmark)

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National / associate partner
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Central Denmark Region is one of five regions in Denmark. The region is led by a Regional Council, consisting of 41 politicians elected every four years. The regions' responsibilities are within the areas of health, psychiatry, social og regional development. The region must secure the overall strategy and at the same time top quality services; be it in the personal educational contact at institutions or when a patient needs nerve fibre surgery.


In the field of STEM, Central Denmark Region (CDR) operates through The Central Denmark Region Technology Pact* and its triple helix partnership consisting of the educational system as well as both private and public actors. It was launched with three of the leading international STEM-companies in Denmark: Vestas, Grundfos and Siemens Gamesa Renewable. In the coming years, the pact will have an increased focus on international collaborations, where CDR will actively seek new partnerships and best practices. The overall goals of the pact are:


  • To inspire young people as well as adults to choose a STEM education, learn about STEAM and work in the field of STEM
  • To make the Central Denmark Region a frontrunner in the field of technology and STEM
  • To inspire public and private organizations who wants to take part in promoting the STEM agenda



* More information about the Danish National Technology Pact, the Regional Technology Pact of the Midtjylland region and related strategies can be found on the publications page.