NPO Robotics

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NPO Robotics
NPO Robotics
Education level:
Primary Education, Lower secondary education, Secondary Education
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Short summary:
The NPO Robotics programme includes a range of well-known robotics-related education activities in Estonia, including FIRST Lego League and RoboMiku.
Description and objectives:

The NPO Robotics programme aims to offer different learning and competition opportunities in robotics. The NPO Robotics has several different projects and outcomes and some of its programmes are connected to international initiatives and competitions:


  • Competition RoboMiku - gives pupils the opportunity to build their own robot individually or in teams and put them to the test. The competition has different categories depending on the robot and age of the pupil
  • First Lego League - a three-part robotics program meant for different age groups and based on that, have different difficulty levels. The aim is to popularize science and technology in a fun way. With that, other necessary skills and knowledge are being developed.
  • School visits - workshops in robotics are offered to the interested schools. In one workshop, 20 students can participate. The necessary tools, equipment, robots and instructors are visiting schools all over Estonia
  • Several projects that aim to promote robotics in pupils and teachers. They also offer additional training to teachers so that robotics would be a natural part of the curriculum.


The objective is to give young people practical knowledge about technology and robotics. The main focus is on practical knowledge and opportunity to work with technology that otherwise may not be available in schools. In addition, students have the opportunity to compete with each other.


The objectives are related to Estonia's broader government strategy to raise the popularity of engineering and technology as a career path. The aim is also to develop the STEM teachers so that the teaching quality would be high and the used methods modern and in compliance with the needs of the students.

In every year NPO Robotics reaches with its different activities to thousands of young people all over Estonia.   In 2019, more than 650 students and about 100 teachers participated in the RoboMiku competition. In the FIRST LEGO League, there were more than 40 best teams as finalists taking part in the competition.
The Robotics competitions and workshops have a direct impact on pupils to learn more about robotics and technology. Within the last few years, the number of applicants to the IT and robotics curricula has increased. It meets the countries need to have more IT competence both in the public and private sector.
Budget and funding model:
Funding of the activities is based on different finance sources: EU programmes, such as Erasmus+ and European Regional Development Fund Project-based funding by the Ministry of Education and Research, HITSA, University of Tartu Funding from private companies