BusinessEurope - Education and Training Working Group

BusinessEurope - Education and Training Working Group

13 November 2019
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Short summary: 

The EU STEM Coalition was invited to give a presentation on the new project "Towards a European STE(A)M Platform", in the Education and Training Working Group of the Social Affairs Committee.  

Objective of the meeting: 

To provide an overview of the upcoming project "Towards a European STE(A)M Platform" with special attention for the role of employer organisations in the development and implementation of national STEM strategies. Attention was also given to the new "Centres of Vocational Excellence" initiative.


Organised by the seven main policy committees, and composed of experts nominated by member federations, working groups debate proposed EU legislation and come to a consensus view of the impact on enterprises of these proposals. The views are issued as official BusinessEurope position papers (about 100 every year), and it is the task of the permanent staff to ensure that these views are taken into account as legislation is decided.


The presentation covered the general background of the EU STEM Coalition, the role of STEM platforms in the coordination of national STEM strategies and the upcoming project "Towards a European STEM Platform" which aims to put in place a support mechanism for the development of new strategies, platforms and implementation programmes. The presentation also covered the "Centres of Vocational Excellence" initiative which is partially inspired by the "Centres of Vocational Innovation" programme of the Dutch national STEM platform.

Next steps: 

A follow-up meeting focused on the topic of public-private partnerships in VET was requested.