EIT Awareness Day (Warsaw)

EIT Awareness Day (Warsaw)

25 September 2018
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Short summary: 

In light of recent cooperation projects, the EU STEM Coalition was invited to present its strategy and approach to several hundred Polish stakeholders at the EIT Awareness Day in Warsaw, Poland. During a panel discussion and Q&A with the audience the session explored how the EIT Community can assist in enhancing the innovation capacity in Poland. 

Objective of the meeting: 

To explore how the EIT Community and partners can contribute to increasing the innovation capacity in Poland, including through STEM education activities.


During the panel discussion various topics related to innovation were discussed, including the importance of the so-called 'triple helix approach' (cooperation between government, education and business) in education, the need for increased coordination of STEM education through national strategies that cover the entire education chain (from primary to higher education) as well as the labour market.  

Next steps: 

The EU STEM Coalition has drafted a joint-proposal with EIT and JA Europe on the implementation of the action points in the Communication on a Renewed EU Agenda for Higher Education.