EU STEM Coalition - Taskforce Meeting: Delegation visit Ukraine (Technology Pact for Girls)

EU STEM Coalition - Taskforce Meeting: Delegation visit Ukraine (Technology Pact for Girls)

2 July 2018
Host organisation: 
PBT (Dutch national STEM platform)
City & meeting location: 
The Hague
Short summary: 

On 1-4 July 2018 the Ukrainian STEM Coalition (in cooperation with the Dutch embassay in Ukraine) organised a work visit to the Netherlands. The central theme of the work visit was ‘Girls in STEM’, with participants from government, industry and education institutions. The objective of the visit was to contribute to the further development of Ukrainian Technology Pact for Girls, which was inspired by the Dutch ‘Technology Pact’ approach.


The delegation visited several key institutions in the Netherlands. On behalf of the EU STEM Coalition, the Dutch national STEM platform (PBT) organised a work session on the Dutch approach, with presentations by representatives of the ministry of education (OCW) and economic affairs (EZK).

Objective of the meeting: 

The objective of the meeting was to provide an overview of the Dutch approach in regard to the promotion of STEM subjects by girls. Best practices discussed during the visit will be used to further develop the Ukrainian ‘Technology Pact for Girls’-initiative of CSR Ukraine.


The two-day meeting programme (see meeting documents) was organised by the EU STEM Coalition and covered two days. Day one consisted of work visits to various organisations involved in STEM promotion among girls. These included VHTO (organisation for girls in STEM and NEMO science centre). Day two was focused on the policy, and hosted at the offices of the Dutch national STEM platform where representatives of the Dutch ministry for Economic Affairs (EZK) and the Dutch ministry for Education (OCW) presented their visions and various policy initiatives. Several programmes of the Dutch national STEM platform were also covered, including the Dutch Centres of Expertise. 


The Ukrainian delegation consisted of representatives of government (Ministry of Social Policy and Labour, High-Tech office), industry (Ukrainian federation of Informatics, CSR Ukraine) and education (Zhytomyr State Technological University).


Finally, the delegation visited the VET Council (MBO Raad) - the Dutch association of VET-schools and attended presentations on selected EU-funded actions (INNOTECS, WATTINSTEAM, etc.) and a tour of the ROC Mondriaan VET school.

Next steps: 

The Ukrainian STEM Coalition will take the lessons learnt into account for the further development of the Ukrainian Technology Pact for girls. The Ukrainian STEM Coalition is also further exploring the Dutch approach for public-private partnerships (Centres of Expertise / Centres for Vocational Innovation).